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Debt is a major public health problem: it causes stress, strains relationships and leads to bad decisions that spiral quickly out of control.

But nobody wants to talk about debt, much less help you overcome it.

We can give you peace of mind if your loosing sleep over debts we stop bailiff action, freeze Interest on Debts, lower monthly payments, Use government legislation to right off upto 85% of debt.

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What we do?

We operate on a simple principle: debt should never dictate a person’s whole life. We don’t use alienating jargon; we don’t pass judgement on your choices.

Income Tax Claims

So, what could save several hundred pounds a year do for your life? Instead of putting it off or assuming the income tax you pay is set in stone, we want to show you the financial possibilities available to you.

Free Debt Counselling

With decades of experience counselling people from different walks of life on how to lead better financial lives, our consultants are experts in dealing with the full range of financial problems.

Debt Consolidation

We understand that every individual comes to us with different circumstances, and every set of debts is specific to that individual. For that reason, our experts provide bespoke consultation and advise you on the wide range of debt consolidation options available to you.

Free Credit Score Check

It is impossible to change your financial situation without properly understanding it. And this is a major stumbling block for many of us, because so much financial jargon appears designed to keep us from easily understanding what’s going on.


We help form a bespoke personal plan to alleviate your particular money worries, taking into account not just financial circumstances but also personal, emotional considerations.


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